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The Power Of A Positive Mindset

Have you ever tried NOT to think? Sure, there are ways to calm your mind chatter, but can we really truly not think? At a subconscious level, our mind is always occupied by thoughts, no matter what, and they will absolutely influence our actions.

Over the years, we all have cluttered our minds with doubts, fears, and self-deprecating thoughts that we bring upon ourselves, because we sure were not born with them. So how much do you think we limit ourselves when we give negative thoughts too much power?

Well, I’m here to say that enough is enough! No more of these limiting beliefs. It’s time to put a positive mindset into play and make happiness, enjoyment of life, and ourselves a priority. So, how do you create a positive mindset that you know will stick? It may seem hard at first, but you will have mastered a positive mindset in no time with some practice.

Here are some powerful tips to get you started:

Always Focus on The Silver Lining: Hard, yes; impossible... NO. When you find yourself in a situation that may be mostly negative, sit and take a deep breath and think about what you might be able to learn from it. By learning something new, you are growing and bettering yourself.

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Replace Them with Positive Ones: When a negative thought crosses your mind, simply actively replace it with a positive thought. This is where repeating affirmations are very powerful. Check out my post on Affirmations For Positive Thinking, to learn more.

Change the Mental Images You Allow to Enter Your Mind: What you see, read, or inundate yourself with affects your mindset. So consciously work on infusing your life with more positive images, reading material, and situations throughout your day. If you are consistent, your mind will naturally start to reject negative thoughts and welcome in a more positive framework.

Express and Resonate Gratitude. Reminding yourself of what's really important in life and all the things for which you're grateful. The blessings surrounding you will help lift your mood and give you the gift of perspective.

At the end of the day, you are exactly what you think you are. So be proactive and selective (when you can) about the thoughts with which you choose to fill your head. Want to learn more about how a positive mindset can be beneficial to you? Check out more of my past blog posts, like 5 Benefits Of A Positive Mindset.

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