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The Best Relationship Marketing Tool on the Planet!

Send a real, personalized greeting card in less than 60 seconds, straight from your computer!  

How does it work? Easy:

You choose your custom card, write your own personalized message, and click to send.

We print, stuff, and mail it.


"Never let anyone you care about walk out to an empty mailbox!!"

Why Send Cards and gifts?

People have a need to send at least 1 card every day.  Most people only currently send ten per year! 


Only 3% of our mail we receive is personal. Think how you feel when you walk out to the mailbox and see a personalized card addressed to you.


Your clients and friends are no different.

The key to building a referral-based business and building relationships is showing appreciation and staying in touch on a regular basis. This unique, time-saving tool allows you to do that quickly, effectively and economically.  Especially now, people are looking for ways to do this. Send custom cards of appreciation. You will be amazed at how far your kind words will go.

This tool is a personal way to connect with people, show them you appreciate them, are thinking of them, and in a business sense, it serves the ongoing purposes of reminding people about you and what your services provide.  This internet home based business opportunity is the best and least-expensive marketing tool on the planet.  Let people know you are thinking of them and they will think of YOU!


The power of a handwritten personalized greeting card is huge, and the ability to change the tide of a bad day, or lift the spirits, or send encouragement, or send thanks, or touch someone else's life is one of the most powerful ways there is to change a life. 

Sending these cards still have the convenience and ease of an e-card, but it doesn't compromise the end result, which is a REAL custom greeting card in someone's mailbox, showing that you're thinking of them.  Let YOUR thank you notes be the first thing that your customers or friends open each day. 

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