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Dating During the Pandemic: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Match

Even under normal circumstances, dating can be difficult. But it can be even more challenging during a pandemic. These quick tips will help you navigate the current dating waters.

#1: Communicate clearly and maintain boundaries

In Covid times, we all have different comfort levels when it comes time to meeting up in person or with casual dating. Although many apps offer features that help you gauge your comfort level around the pandemic, it is important to talk to your potential partners about your feelings.

You may decide to meet via video before you commit to meeting in person. Or you might want to make sure your date is comfortable wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance, while avoiding physical contact. Trust your instincts and be honest about what you expect. You shouldn't be pushed to the limit so if someone is ignoring your requested boundaries, that's probably the first sign that it's not a good match.

#2: Determine what you really want

Casual meet-ups and dates have become more and more difficult to navigate due to the pandemic, which can be really frustrating. But it also allows us to be more selective in who we meet up with, talk to, and ultimately, date. This also makes it crucial for you to understand what you want from a relationship or a date.

Do you prefer something more casual, or something more serious? Do you value physical attraction more than companionship? Are you looking to meet someone with the same political views, aspirations, and lifestyle? What is your ideal relationship or dating situation? These questions will help you to get a better understanding of your true desires.

These questions will help you tailor your profile and create filters if you use dating apps. If you are only looking for something casual, filtering out those who are seeking a relationship or vice versa may be a good idea. These features, along with being open about what's on your "wants list," will allow you to create clear expectations and match up with people who are looking for the same things.

#3: Accept authenticity and build connections

Humans are wired to seek clarity, safety, and stability in relationships. Modern dating culture encourages casual interactions and very little accountability. It is possible to feel pressure to seem cool, and chill, to avoid making commitments too soon, or even minimize what we need. These expectations and dating norms can lead to increased anxiety and uncertainty in relationships.

Intentionally embracing authenticity and connection is one way to overcome this. Whether you are dating online or in person, let your true self shine through. Create a profile that represents who you are. Your photos, bios, and questionnaires should reflect your real life personality, which can help you open up to meaningful connections.

Find people who share your same interests, are open to you being yourself, and appreciate your quirks. Remember to take your time. It's a slow dance to date, whether it is during a pandemic or otherwise. Enjoy it and take it as an opportunity for you to meet other people.

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