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Say Yes To Life

Have you ever thought about how often you actually say yes to things? If your answer is quite often - good for you! However, like most of us, you probably say no more often than yes. But did you know that it's actually limiting you and closing potential doorways to your best life?

However, this doesn’t mean to say yes to things that are toxic, or saying yes to everything and everyone. I’m talking about saying yes to new opportunities, new experiences, and fresh ideas that get you out of your daily comfort zone -because this is where the magic happens. I've learned that if an opportunity that presents itself makes me nervous and that I'm tempted to say no, that means I should probably say YES and then figure it out later how I'm going to make it work!

So, why should you say yes more often? Here are my top three reasons:

  • Self-Esteem Boost: Saying yes more often to the things that are for the better good will open up doors to more opportunity. When more opportunities come into your life, it will naturally bring about newfound confidence and a belief in your abilities. Like attracts like, and this type of positivity will push you along your journey to success.

  • Long-Lasting Connections: Opening yourself up to others can change your life and make long-lasting friendships in ways you may never thought of before. Talk to new people, make connections, enjoy conversations with people who have different views. I promise you it will be enlightening.

  • Growth: I'm sure you've heard that life begins outside of your comfort zone. When something makes you very nervous and something arises where you think you aren't capable of succeeding, it's just a sign that you probably should go for it! Saying yes to things will bring more opportunities into your life. When you say yes to meeting new people, you can create long-lasting connections. When you're open to new connections and you're in a "say yes" mindset, you will attract like-minded folks into your life. Try out a new sport, say yes to speaking on stage or on someone's podcast, or accept an invitation for something you’ve never done before, even if it's out of your comfort zone. Yes is a three-letter word that does big things.

Saying yes to new opportunities requires commitment, and sometimes it can be scary, especially if you feel unprepared - but say yes anyway! Being positive and trying new things will always give you more in life than a "no" ever will. You might be thinking, saying no doesn't carry many risks, but there’s no fun in it either. So say yes to new things, new experiences, and new opportunities and have more fun on your journey to success.

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