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Relationship Advice on Doing Date Nights at Home

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

When it comes to relationship advice, one of the biggest topics that tend to come up is how to keep things fresh in a relationship. One of the easiest answers? Keep dating your partner! Stuck at home during quarantine? I've got you! Here are some date nights at home ideas to keep you and your partner close and connected.

Date nights are a big part of connecting and providing a foundation for a solid romantic relationship, which is why continuing to make the effort to date your partner is some of the best dating advice I can give you. It can become so easy to fall into a routine of always Netflix and chilling, so these date nights should be looked at as much-needed time to get out of your typical routine and spend some actual time together.

Remember, just because you're in the same house or space as someone, doesn't mean you're necessarily spending QT with them. Whether your relationship is brand new, or you've been married for 20 years, my best relationship advice is to make the effort to try something new and be romantic when you plan these dates.

Pre-pandemic, you could plan to go out anywhere at anytime for the most part. But now, even though the world is essentially back up and running, many of us still choose to stay home instead of go out or limit the ways in which I interact with the outside world.

So for those of you who are mostly staying in these days and need to break up the monotony of how you and your partner spend time, check out these creative and affordable date night at home ideas:

  • Have a Patio Picnic

Spread out a blanket in the backyard or on the living room floor and pretend you're in Central Park. Grab some crackers, cheeses, cookies, charcuterie, and wine. Even bust out the picnic basket and mason jars of wildflowers if you have them available. When it comes to relationship advice, a date like this one is a must-do whether it's at home or in an actual park. Picnics are a wonderful way to connect and spend that quality time.

  • Cooking Competition - Chopped Style

If you are a lover of the tv series Chopped, you'll love this Bravo-inspired date night. Pick out a handful of random items from the refrigerator and pantry, then try to come up with the best dishes you can. Set a timer for an extra boost of healthy competition. But be warned, one of you during this date will get chopped!

  • At-Home Spa Night

What is more relaxing than a spa date? What about a spa date with your person? Raid your bathroom cabinets and pull out whatever spa time essentials you have on hand. Then give each other facials, body treatments, or massages. Also think about filling the bathtub with essential oils and flower petals or creating a steam room by turning the shower on hot with some eucalyptus or lavender. Sounds like the perfect date night to me!

  • Organize Old Photos and Create an Album

Creating good memories with your partner is the stuff good relationship advice is made of. What about taking a trip down memory lane? Go through the pictures on your phone, social media, and digital camera cards to create an album (online or old school scrapbook style). You’ll end up talking about the different memorable moments from each trip, reminiscing, and maybe even planning your next trip for when travel isn’t so scary anymore.

  • Movie Night

Movie studios are now releasing new hits straight to your TV, and lets be honest, who doesn’t have Netflix? You can set up a mini-movie theater in your backyard using picnic blankets and a projector, or right in your own living room with nothing more than a white bed sheet to project on and some cozy blankets. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and don't forget to dim the lights or light candles for a romantic ambiance.

I hope you enjoy these date night ideas and my relationship advice for women! Check out this video I did on "Dating During Covid" for even more dating advice while living through a pandemic. And don't forget to subscribe to my blog for even more tips, tricks, and advice for dating.

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