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Simple Stratagies To Boost Motivation

“I was thinking one day, and I realized that if I just had somebody behind me all the way to motivate me, I could make a big difference. Nobody came along like that, so I just became that person for myself.” - Unknown.

There are some days you wake up super motivated and other days not so much. On those off days, it can be hard to get going and find your inner drive. Over the years, I've found some simple strategies that are great at getting me back to being more productive.

Here are my favorite tips and strategies for getting your head back in the game:

  • Just Start: Forward motion, no matter how small it is, is still movement in the right direction. So when you don’t feel motivated, pick one small thing to conquer, bringing you closer to your goal, and the motivation will catch up with you.

  • Reduce Distractions: Make concentrating easier and remove distractions. Shut your office door, put your phone on silent, tell people that you’re busy for the next couple of hours, and don’t worry about putting yourself and your goals first!

  • Listen To Energetic Music: Music has a way of giving you a boost, especially when it’s an upbeat song that you enjoy and one that inspires you. We all have that song or that playlist that can change our mood instantly.

  • Positivity: A negative mindset will drain both your motivation and energy. But a positive, constructive way of looking at things can recharge your motivation. Take setbacks in stride and look at what you can learn from them. The experience will teach you something and end up making you stronger.

  • Remind Yourself of Your Reasons Why: When lack of motivation hits you, it's really easy to lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you find yourself here, stop and take a few minutes; write down the top 3 reasons why you are doing what you’re doing. Place this reminder note where you can see it constantly as a way to keep your motivation in check.

  • Gratitude: When you’re experiencing a lack of motivation, it’s really easy to start seeing your life in a negative light. If this happens, try and focus on what you have and who you are. Recharge your motivation with some positivity.

  • Focus On One To-Do List Item: Nothing kills motivation like an over-stuffed to-do list. Pull a few of the most important things to do, create a new list, stash the longer one away somewhere, and re-focus on you the shorter, most important one.

  • Reward Yourself and Celebrate Your Successes: Motivation usually goes up when you feel inspired. So work on celebrating your little successes along the way. Give yourself a minute to appreciate your hard work or reward yourself with a prize. Dangle whatever carrots you want and celebrate your little achievements to keep your motivation up.

Try a few of these motivational tips or try all of them and let me know how it goes. If you still find it hard to get inspired, check out some of my other blog posts on creating a positive mindset. There are quite a few in the bunch that have some real nuggets of wisdom to help you on your success journey.

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