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How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Online dating is a great place to find enjoyable dates or potential relationships nowadays. That being said, there are so many different apps and dating websites that it can be overwhelming.

If you have just begun online dating or you're not getting results from it, don't worry! I am here to offer you the best dating advice on how to write a good online profile because it is a crucial step to attracting quality dates.

Before we start, I want you to remember that chatting with people online is not dating. There's only so much information you can gather via text. The rule of thumb is, after surface level compatibility is created, meet in person whenever possible.

You will often know within minutes of meeting whether there is"chemistry" or not. Now, here is my best dating advice on how to write the perfect online profile.


If all you did was put up great photos and did nothing else, you'd still get lots of messages from men. High quality photographs will enable you to attract more men and more of the right men. Make sure to include these types of photos:

  • a natural smile

  • a complete body shot

  • a shot that shows off your character/hobbies

  • natural everyday shot

You want to have a minimum of 3 photos. As with anything, it's about confidence! This is definitely one of most important pieces of dating advice I can offer you. Show your confidence. Love what you have. And guys will flock to you!

About Me

If you do not want men to send you two-word messages, then you must put effort into the 'About Me' section. Make sure to keep it short and sweet. Ideally you want between 100-200 words. But always keep it about you. If you have children (or dogs!) we know that they are certainly important to you, but your 'About Me' section is exactly that, about me and only me.

Every dating profile has a series of basic questions that you will answer. This includes a question about whether you have children or not. That way anyone looking at your profile will already know and it does not need to be reiterated.

Always Positive

Never ever put anything negative on your profile. You will only bring in the very kind of men you don't want. It is like placing a huge red highlight around your flaws. Men do not care about your words as much as they care about your actions. Negativity will attract negative people.

Character Keywords

Lists are a great way to highlight the most important characteristics about you without getting into particulars. The profiles that get the most attention are favorable but vague. Lists are like keywords for your character. Most men and women scan and do not read. Use key words and lists to capture people's attention.

It can be overwhelming to put yourself out there, but you've got this! Follow my above dating advice on how to write a good dating profile and you’ll be more than halfway there.

My blog is designed to help you along the way during your dating journey. For a deeper dive into best dating practices, pick up my best-selling book on dating advice, Don't Eat the Scraps - you can also click to watch my recent interview about dating during the pandemic for more tips and tricks.

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