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How to Romanticize Your Life: Seven Daily Habits for a Positive Mindset

During turbulent times, it's hard to feel you’re living your best life. Since the pandemic began, there has been constant uncertainty and a longing for what “should have been” if not for the rise of COVID-19.

Part of embracing productive positivity means romanticizing your life and bringing out the best in each day. Here are seven tips that will help you adopt a positive mindset.

1. Appreciate What You Already Have

It’s incredibly important to define your needs versus your wants. Providing for yourself and your family are necessities - from there, weigh which goals are most important to you.

Defining your core goals and values will help you decide which investments are worth it for you and will help you appreciate the blessings you already have.

Having a roof over your head, good health and friends and family who care about you might seem like a given, but resources you might take for granted are privileges millions of people don’t have.

At the end of your life, what will you look back on? Will you regret not getting a raise or a new Macbook? Most likely you’ll think about your family and friends. A positive mindset is all about having gratitude for what you already have.

2. Do Less

We often try to do too many things in our lives and end up getting overwhelmed. Take a step back and focus only on a handful of things at a time.

Learn to say "no" so you can have a healthier work/life balance. This means clocking out and taking a break from your screens. Instead of bouncing between multiple tabs and windows in your free time, try to disconnect and do something offline that you enjoy.

You’ll be able to achieve a positive mindset if you take time to do less and enjoy more. Live in the moment and focus solely on the present.

3. Live Each Day as if It Were Your Last

It's impossible to know when your last day will come, so live each day as if it were your last. Take every day in stride and enjoy it.

Do what you've always wanted to do. You’ll likely regret the shots you don’t take and ruminate on what could have been. Make the best of each day.

4. Get Outdoors and Become Inspired by Nature

Walking in the woods, picking flowers or hiking are all ways to romanticize your life. You can keep memories from your adventures alive by keeping the flowers and leaves you have picked up in a journal.

You can bring nature into your home with the addition of potted plants or an outdoor garden. If you don’t have the space, a window box is a lovely addition.

5. Decorate your Home with Soft Colors and Textures

Many people choose lighter colors such as light wood, white or yellow and/or green to decorate their homes.

Bring natural Earth colors into your home. You don't have to own the latest items. You can swap out items with vintage items at your local thrift shop.

Make your home your sanctuary. Decorate your home in a way that makes you feel comfortable and serene... and makes you smile!

6. Try a New Hobby

There are many hobbies that are affordable and don’t require a lot of cumbersome materials. Some positive, meditative hobbies include:

  • Working Out

  • Baking and cooking

  • Jam-making

  • Try a Pottery class

  • Making candles or soap

  • Walking

  • Flower arranging

  • Blending your own tea

  • Painting, drawing or coloring

  • Learn a foreign language

7. Don't Judge Yourself Harshly

Oftentimes, our biggest critics are ourselves. Are you prone to negative thoughts about trying new things? It is easy to judge yourself too harshly, which makes it difficult for us to pursue what we desire in life.

With a growth mindset, you can accomplish all things if you are willing to try and learn along the way. Nobody is a pro at everything as soon as they start. Accepting that there is always more to learn will help you discover a positive mindset.

Do you need more guidance on adapting a positive mindset in your life? Take a look at my other blog posts.

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