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How To Get Out Of A Negative Mindset

It is no secret that our mindset has a very large part to play in our lives. It controls how we view the world. In one of last months blog posts, 5 Benefits Of A Positive Mindset, we talk about reasons why having positive mindset is healthy for you.

But what do you do when life happens and sucks the positivity right out of you? Here are a few tips and tricks to kick that negative mindset right out the door.


Probably the most important thing you need to do is have an honest conversation with yourself. How, what, and why are you feeling the way that you are? Sometimes this is easy and there are times that its not. Great ways to get to the bottom of what is bringing you down are journaling, confiding in someone you trust, or even meditating.

Remind Yourself To Think Positive

There's a reason people say that what you believe will manifest itself. So think positively, and you WILL do positive things. It may not happen at the exact second you think a positive thought, but your mind will catch on, and eventually be more positive.

Self Care

How good can we be at everything else if we don't take the opportunity to care for the one person we're stuck with for life? Think about what makes you happy. Then, go ahead and take action. For a number of us that might mean an intense workout. For others, a tub with a glass of wine in hand. Do more of what you love, and do it intentionally without rushing.


Optimistic words lead to positive actions, it’s as simple as that. Do some research on affirmations and find 3 or 4 that resonate with you and repeat them every morning. Essentially, if you keep repeating them to yourself you will start believing them. It is a way to rewire your thought patterns. Give it a go, what do you have to lose?

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Every day, write a couple of things that you are thankful for in your life. Before going to sleep, write down three good things that have happened to you that day. When something goes wrong, think about exactly what this event might teach you, instead of how it can hurt you.

Tell your family and friends why you appreciate them. Search for things about yourself that you adore, and list them somewhere you can easily reference later. We all have things in our lives to be thankful for, so remind yourself of what they are every day.

Try these mental health life hacks and you will be out of your negative rut in no time. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for the latest tips on how to achieve and maintain a positive mindset and start living your best life!

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