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Client Appreciation 101: Send Greeting Cards

It was predicted three decades ago that over half of all organizations would redirect their investments into the customer experience by 2018. Now, in 2021, businesses are focusing on client appreciation and client relationships more than ever before.

Client appreciation is much more than simply being extra nice to your clients or writing a quick, "thank you!" in one of your emails. It is about showing your clients that they truly matter to you.

A positive customer experience is essential for customer retention, and, at its best, for client referrals. It's like the age-old saying that word of mouth is the best marketing that money can't buy. When people are happy with your services, they become excited to share their experience with others who might benefit from your business too - thus creating a sense of trust (because you've been vouched for) before you even speak to them. Yet, conversely, a negative customer experience can definitely result in losing clients, earnings, and acquiring a bad public image.

One major contributing factor to an overall better customer experience is showing client appreciation. You'll create loyal customers and provide a memorable experience worth speaking about by taking the time to show small gestures of gratitude, like sending them personalized greeting cards by mail.

Creating a personalized greeting card is a thoughtful way to convey to a client how much their business means to you and how much they have helped your business grow. Personal outreach is key to maintaining client relationships and, in turn, client retention.

Some tips for success when sending a personalized greeting card are to be as sincere as you can be, include a heartfelt message with each card, and tune in to the personalization of each one you send - even with photos of things that are important them or that you've spoken to them about. It shows your client that they are a priority to you and that you value their support.

Being genuine and thoughtful is key to making your clients feel special. Taking the time to share thoughtful words in a personalized unexpected note shows that you truly care and are taking the time to show it. Best of all, it fosters a more emotional connection.

Sending a personalized greeting card is your chance to focus entirely on the client, rather than your business. Spend the time emphasizing how important the client relationship is to you and avoid any self-promotions in this specific process.

To learn more on how easy it is to get started on building client retention, you can contact me through my website. If you want to schedule a call to go over an easy system that lets you send unique cards in moments, grab 30 minutes on my calendar! Still not totally sure if it's the right move for you? Read more about the meaning of greeting cards in my recent blog post, The Meaning Of Personalized Greeting Cards.

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