Jules Price

About Me

I am a professional singer, having performed for 15 years nationally and internationally in musical theatre.  I've gotten to tour all over the world, doing amazing roles including "Maria" on the National Tour of The Sound of Music, throughout the U.S., Canada and Korea, and then understudying Marie Osmond in the role throughout Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.  Although I recently relocated to Sarasota, FL with my husband, I still travel with the New York City Ballet as a principal singer in their West Side Story Suites, as well as continue to record new musicals with various NYC composers.
I was introduced to this amazing greeting card tool after I received a birthday card in the mail from someone that I'd never met, but had spoken with on the phone.  The card had a Starbucks gift card inside, and was written in her own handwriting.  I was blown away!  I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how to be a good communicator and friend, and I saw the value of this instantly.
This is a business communication tool, a personal relationship building system, an income opportunity and something that every individual and independent business owner should use and fall in love with!!  Not to mention, as a business with the ability to make income from home, I've never seen anything like it:  no competition, no quotas, no pressure, something that everyone needs and no one has heard of yet, no products under your sink, no high monthly auto-orders, nothing to "quit" since it's a one time fee to have forever, the ability to make money right away, the ability to make back your entire investment by referring it to as little as 3 people... and the powerful ability to simply change your life and business just by using it yourself!! It is the best internet home based business and income opportunity out there!
In a relatively short amount of time, I have grown my business to include a huge network of business owners and individuals, I'm a top leader in the company, and I'm passionate about helping my team members do the same.  With passion and belief in this amazing tool and incredible business and income opportunity, the sky is the limit!!
A Few Recorded Songs:
So many people have asked me if I have a CD or if they can hear me sing. Since all my performances were live, I don't have a CD, but here is a VERY random sampling of various individual recordings I've done for different composers, which just have piano accompaniment without the full orchestration.  So at least you can hear a little bit of what I do if you're interested! 
"I Count My Blessings" by Joel Derfner
Duet with Jules Price (1st voice) and Sally Wilfert
"Bicycling" by Joel Derfner
sung by Jules Price (with Sally Wilfert)
"The Bicycle Song" by Daniel Levin and Jonathan Portera from To Paint the Earth
sung by Jules Price and Joe Cassidy
"The Silver Swan" by Joel Derfner
sung by Jules Price
"See You Again Soon" by Daniel Levin and Jonathan Portera (To Paint the Earth)
sung by Jules Price 


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